New Wine is a network of local churches, including Hope Vineyard, who are working together with a vision to see the nation changed. God is at work in the world touching hearts and transforming lives – and he’s invited us to join him. New Wine invites all churches to journey with them in the hope that together we can see this nation changed. Read more of the vision and what’s happening when and where on their website here

New Wine Festival (21-25 January 2021)

This summer Hope Vineyard will be heading to New Wine again for Wellington Anniversary weekend! It’s time for God’s family to gather and glorify Him, share food, tell our stories, encourage, laugh, dance, pray, comfort and be filled by the Holy Spirit. We’ll have an incredible weekend away together as we immerse ourselves in the presence of God and spend time with each other.

The Hope Vineyard Village

We’ll have our own area (The Vineyard Village), which will be a community of us, tenting, hanging out, and eating together. We need a village plan, but we’ll get there ‘cos it’ll be our good ol’ familiar faces so it’ll feel just like home.

Travel & Accommodation

The festival is held at Kapiti College, in Raumati. Arrivals are from 12noon on Thursday 18th January. The full programme and main celebrations will start that evening. Accommodation in the Vineyard Village is tenting and caravans only.


All bookings are made direct on the New Wine website.

We don’t want cost to be a barrier to coming so we’re planning some fundraising prior to going to ensure New Wine can taste a bit of Hope Vineyard with the full family in attendance!