Ladies, sometimes it’s just fun to bring your mates out to something that’s short, sweet and loads of fun.

Ditch and Switch is a cocktail night for the girls with a twist. The plan is simple;

1. Invite your girlfriends, especially those who don’t know church and don’t know the ridiculous fun we have

2. Take a look through your junk jewellery and scarf stash and decide what you’d like to ditch

3. Drop them off to Hope Kitchen Cafe any time before the 27th September

4. Get yourself dolled up, pick up your mates, and head to Victory Venue at 7pm on Tuesday 27th September and score yourself some treasure

This year Gabs Bundy-Cooke will be coming and chatting to us about styling tips and tricks, as we head off to upgrade our jewellery and scarf collection.

Remember: Tuesday 27th September, 7-8.30pm

Victory Venue, 18 Rangitikei Street