Shane Read

Shane spends so much time around Hope it’s like he’s the head cheese. We’ll let him keep thinking that as long as he keeps meeting with people, mentoring youth, taste testing Basia’s coffee concoctions, holding the fort in goliath-like fashion…

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Lydia Read

Lydia’s international woman-of-mystery gig can only last for so long, so we’ve let her come and go as much as she wants at Hope until she settles down. To help earn her keep we’ve got her speaking, mentoring, dreaming and scheming but never, ever, singing.

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John Marquet

If we said John, you’d say ninja pastor, as that’s what he does around here. Just like a true ninja we see him here, we see him there, but wherever he is he’s ninjaing in prayer and care, and being a really wise ear for those niggly wee problems.

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Helenka Simpson

Some say mother extraordinaire, we say a small, sweet, and simply marvellous preschool playgroup organiser. Not to mention being incredibly good at all things artsy, crafty, and practical. 

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Haua Te Mataki

Haua’s our resident Bill Graham, grab a coffee at Hope Kitchen Cafe he’s interning Wednesday and Friday – and get ready for a jolly good listening as Haua chills with the crew and supports wherever there’s need.

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Tim Simpson

Tim’s too goofy for adults, and his weird humour is too much for kids. Seems only the youth get him. If he’s not taste testing in the kitchen you’ll find him hanging with the youth.

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Lauren Tate-Davis

Life is made up of all sorts. Including our Lauren who is one of those weird ones that kids just love. It’s hard to figure. We’ve given her the kids brief to study the infatuation.

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