Not only is this a whole of life thing, it’s a whole of family thing. We yearn for our kids to ‘get it’ alongside us – to be hounds of heaven as together we reach out to the sick, broken, unloved, lonely to make a difference in this generation. We love it that God made us unique. We were made for now. 


Every Sunday at 5pm our Hope Kids enjoy time worshipping God with the whole Hope family, they spend time learning about the goodness of God in their own small group, they eat with the tribe, they learn how to pray, prophesy and live the radical life Jesus has called them to. We’re ridiculously excited about what Jesus can do through this crew, who welcome anyone and everyone to be part of their yes generation.


It’s a complex time to be alive, and that’s why our Hope Youth don’t just hang out and have great food and times of worship on Sunday from 5 ’til 7pm. They’re intent on exploring Christianity, living holy like Jesus and worshipping in a way that reflects the knowledge that God is new every morning and yet eternal and timeless. We live in tension, but the youth embrace, explore and get excited by it. What a time to be alive!


Fun times for preschoolers and their caregivers. Come join us from 9.30-11.30am on Tuesdays. Details here.

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