As part of the Vineyard movement of churches around the world we long to be the kind of church that both loves God, and loves others. In particular the Vineyard genetic code talks about high priorities which are:

  • Clear, accurate, inspiring biblical teaching where we hear and obey God’s word to us.
  • Creative and genuine worship of God in the freedom of the Holy Spirit with Jesus at the center.
  • Sensing the presence and power of God and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit in church and everywhere we go.
  • Physical healing with an emphasis on signs and wonders, and always looking to what the Father is doing.
  • Creating community with an emphasis on discipleship through large all-age gatherings, small groups and everything in between.
  • Holistic care for the broken, poor and those in need.
  • Training and releasing people in serving, giving, responsible use of finances and healthy relationships.
  • Unity with the whole body of Christ and authentic, intimate, enabling relationships within Vineyard churches.
  • Church planting in New Zealand and serving in missions throughout the world.

Vineyard values are found in full on their website here. http://www.vineyard.org.nz


Vineyard embraces a form of episcopal church government which existed in the Church for the first 15 centuries and is still practiced today by probably 80 percent or more of Christian churches.

The legal entity of each Vineyard is a registered charitable trust to handle all legal, financial and business matters.

Each Vineyard is autonomous, but joined by shared purposes, values, priorities, goals, style, and love to all other Vineyard churches. We are joined by the Spirit of God and by love to all other churches that believe in Jesus Christ and are seeking God.

Vineyard has an international structure called the Association of Vineyard Churches (AVC), and each country has its own AVC with a national director and national board.

AVC NZ exists to oversee and pastor the pastors and to help with resources, church planting and development and renewal.

We see the Vineyard as a movement of the Holy Spirit and want all structures to exist to support people, pastors and the work of the Spirit. We never want people to exist to support structures.