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Marquet Group Monday 7.30pm

A Bible study group which focuses on authentic sharing, study, and intercession for Hope Vineyard. Led by John Marquet.
// John and Gail Marquets.  Contact John 

Hope Men Tuesday 7.00am

An early morning meeting before business begins led by Shane Read and Mike Tate-Davis.  Porridge, ponder the scriptures and pray. Perfect.
// Hope Vineyard. Contact Shane here.

Hope Men Discipleship Group Wednesday 11am

A group led by Shane Read for those who long for accountability in their Christian walk. A place of care and transformation.
// Hope Vineyard. Contact Shane here.

Soong/Seaholme Wednesday 7.30pm

A fun, contemplative, Bible study group. Contact Matt here and Sarah here.
// Matt and Narrelle Soong’s and Tim and Sarah Seaholme’s (alternatively)

Tate-Davis Thursday 7.30pm

A fortnightly meeting for those who enjoy deep conversations, care and concern and are hungry for adventure in God. Contact Lauren here.
// Mike and Lauren Tate-Davis’

Hope All Ages Sunday 10.30am

An all age gathering led by John and Gail Marquet where the scriptures are discussed, prayer is extended and lives shared. Contact Gail here..
// Hope Vineyard