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Marquet Group Monday 7.30pm

A Bible study group which focuses on authentic sharing, study, and intercession for Hope Vineyard. Led by John Marquet.
// John and Gail Marquets.  Contact John for address details 

Hope Men Tuesday 7.00am

An early morning meeting before business begins led by Shane Read and Mike Tate-Davis.  Porridge, ponder the scriptures and pray. Perfect.
// Hope Vineyard. Contact Shane here.

Hope Young Adults Tuesday 7.30pm

A group led by Grant and Heather Butler for those in the 18-30 prime-of-life window.
// Grant and Heather Butlers. Contact Grant and Heather for address details here.

Hope Men Discipleship Group Wednesday 11am

A group led by Shane Read for those who long for accountability in their Christian walk. A place of care and transformation.
// Hope Vineyard. Contact Shane here.

Soong/Seaholme Wednesday 7.30pm

A fun, contemplative, Bible study group. For address details contact Matt here and Sarah here.
// Matt and Narrelle Soong’s and Tim and Sarah Seaholme’s (alternatively)

Tate-Davis Thursday 7.30pm

A fortnightly meeting for those who enjoy deep conversations, care and concern and are hungry for adventure in God.
// Mike and Lauren Tate-Davis’. Contact Lauren for address details. here.

Hope Ladies Friday 12noon

A Friday meeting for ladies to connect, do life, and have some great big belly laughs. Friday from 12-2pm which means you can bring your lunch and munch during the study. Contact Lee-Anne here.
// Hope Vineyard

Hope All Ages Sunday 10.30am

An all age gathering led by John and Gail Marquet where the scriptures are discussed, prayer is extended and lives shared. Contact Gail here..
// John and Gail Marquets.  Contact Gail for address details.