Sunday is the highlight of our week. Especially Sunday night because that’s when we gather as a fam. From 5-7pm the piano man plays, the conversation flows, dinner is shared, and the kids enjoy their hijinks. It’s a music – ministry – meaning thing, and we’re engaging boots ‘n all.

If you want to bring something to share; the food menu is summer salads, winter soups. the social menu is any convo starter will do, the dress code is as you come is just fine. The deal is come as you are – Hope Vineyard is made up of all sorts, and we’ve been hoping you’d come.


It’s a simple diet of dinner, family time, kids-youth-adult engagement, worship and ministry. Every week looks a bit different – from reflective, to conversational, to testimonies, to guest speakers, to teaching series and of course the occasional party.

Join us from 5pm until 7pm – we’re about worship, service and holiness. That means we’re about you, and God.