Worship. Service. Holiness.

Our values bind us to God, one another and frame the year. We take every opportunity to party as we celebrate babies and marriages and the lives of those we’ve lost. As we visit Te Rangimarie marae and learn the story of our place, our story nestled in the story of God. As we connect with our neighbours and invite them to living faith in God. Bring it on, it’s going to be grand!

Similarly our teaching series this year are going to be magnificent. They’ll pique your interest and grow your walk in Christ. Take a look below if you love seeing how our teaching year will play out (it’s not written in stone, keep popping back to see how the plan unfolds).

Interspersed in the series we’ll hear testimonies of life and love and faith, and of people and place as we remember that we are a people of place as well as presence. But for now…. here’s a sneak peek at the plan (and don’t forget that if you want to listen to past sermons this is where that all happens!).


Grace-full sacrifice
Urgent sacrifice
Voluntary sacrifice
Holy sacrifice
Loyal sacrifice


A series on common sayings which have deeper meanings such as;

An eye for an eye
Turning the other cheek
Walking another mile
and others


Sola scriptura (Scripture alone)
Solus Christus (Christ alone)
Sola fide (faith alone)
Sola gratia (grace alone)
Soli Deo gloria (glory to God alone)


Addictions; substance, work and others


Are there mistakes in the Bible?
Does the Virgin Birth matter?
Was Jesus God or Man?
Was the resurrection a real historic event? How can we know?
Where is God anyway?
Red pill or blue pill?


When God is good?
When life is good?
When it’s all gone bad?