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This event is organised by PNCLA
This Citywide Prayer Event in Palmerston North is on Sun 26th May 2024 at 7pm.
This date and day of the week coincides with the same day and date 84 years ago on May 26th 1940, when the King of England called upon the churches of the commonwealth to cry out to God for a miracle. This anguished request was because over 350,000 soldiers were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk and were facing annihilation by the German Army. History tells us that only days later the miracle of Dunkirk occurred and most of those soldiers were rescued. Had the King not called for the churches and Christians to pray, and had they not responded and filled every church and lined up for hundreds of metres to pray, history and the war’s outcome may have been very different.
This is our “Dunkirk moment”; the church in NZ, Christianity is being marginalised and our faith is under attack. The King of Heaven is calling us to again pray that the tide of evil in our region and nation be turned. If we come together on this same day, Sun 26th May, and cry out to God again, let us believe He will move again.
The Hope whānau will be attending this event at Gateways Church (174 Church street). To let us know you’ll be there, click here.

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